Math H53 Discussion Section, Spring 2013

Professor: Dr. Alexander Givental
Lectures: TR 2:00-3:30p, 7 Evans
Course Website:

GSI: Bryan Gillespie
Section Meetings: TR 12:30-2:00p, 321 Haviland
Office: 714 Evans
Office Hours: Mondays, 11:00a-1:00p

Homework Assigments

Homework assignments are available on Dr. Givental's course website, and are due on Tuesdays at the beginning of discussion section.


A short quiz will be administered on Tuesdays at the end of discussion section.



A primary component of section meetings will be group work on problems related to the course material. I will post the worksheets we look at in class here as the semester progresses.

#: Date: Topics: Worksheet:
1 Jan. 24 Vectors and Geometry PDF
2 Jan. 31 Dot Products and Cross Products PDF
3 Feb. 5 Equations of Lines and Planes PDF
4 Feb. 7 Quadratic Functions, Curves, Surfaces I PDF
5 Feb. 12 Quadratic Functions, Curves, Surfaces II PDF
6 Feb. 14 Midterm I Review PDF
7 Feb. 19 Vector Functions PDF
8 Feb. 21 Limits and Continuity in Functions of Several Variables PDF
9 Feb. 26 Differentiability, Linear Approximations, and Partial Derivatives PDF
10 Feb. 28 The Chain Rule PDF
11 Mar. 5 More Partial Derivatives and Chain Rule PDF
12 Mar. 7 Gradient Vectors and Directional Derivatives PDF
13 Mar. 12 Maximal and Minimal Values PDF
14 Mar. 14 Lagrange Multipliers PDF
15 Mar. 19 More Lagrange Multipliers PDF
16 Mar. 21 Midterm II Review PDF
17 Apr. 2 Multiple Integrals PDF
18 Apr. 4 Integration in Alternate Coordinate Systems PDF
19 Apr. 9 Multiple Integrals and Applications PDF
20 Apr. 11 Vector Fields and Line Integrals PDF
21 Apr. 16 The Fundamental Theorem for Line Integrals PDF
22 Apr. 18 Green's Theorem PDF
23 Apr. 23 Curl and Divergence PDF
24 Apr. 30 Surfaces and Surface Integrals PDF