Math 53, Fall 2012

Professor: Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick
Lectures: MWF 12:00-1:00p, 155 Dwinelle
Syllabus: PDF

Sections: 105, 106
GSI: Bryan Gillespie
Office: 714 Evans
Office Hours: Monday, 3:00-4:00p and Thursday, 1:00-2:00p


A primary component of the section will be group work on problems related to the course material. Here I will post the worksheets we look at in class, along with selected solutions and solution sketches.

#: Date: Topics: Worksheet: Select Solutions:
1 Aug. 29 Parametric Equations PDF PDF
2 Sep. 5 Polar Coordinates PDF PDF
3 Sep. 12 Vectors and Vector Products PDF PDF
4 Sep. 17 Vector Geometry and Vector Functions PDF PDF
5 Sep. 26 Limits and Derivatives in Multiple Dimensions PDF PDF
6 Oct. 3 Tangent Planes and Gradient Vectors PDF PDF
7 Oct. 10 Gradients and Optimization PDF PDF
8 Oct. 17 Double Integrals PDF PDF
9 Oct. 24 Double and Triple Integrals PDF PDF
10 Oct. 31 Change of Variables PDF PDF
11 Nov. 7 Line Integrals PDF PDF
12 Nov. 19 Green's Theorem, Divergence and Curl PDF PDF
13 Nov. 28 Parametric Surfaces and Surface Integrals PDF PDF

Homework Assigments

Homework assignments are available on the course bSpace page, and are due every Friday. Assignments can be handed in during regular section meetings, or no later than 5:00p in my math department mailbox in the mail room on Evans Hall, 9th floor. Late assignments will be accepted until Monday at 5:00p at a modest score reduction.

Common feedback on graded assignments will be notated in short-hand.