Math 1B, Spring 2012

Professor: Dr. Michael Christ
Course Website:

Sections: 309, 310
GSI: Bryan Gillespie
Office: 850 Evans
Office Hours: Monday, 5:00p - 6:00p; Friday, 3:00p - 4:00p

Study Materials


A very useful general study aid is the free and open source flash card program Anki. Anki makes use of a learning technique called spaced repetition to algorithmically determine how often to review a piece of material to maximize retention and minimize time spent reviewing.

Over the course of the semester, I'll be posting some decks of flash cards to aid you in memorizing facts and theorems that may be useful to your work in the course. But a word of warning! Don't let rote memorization take the place of deeper understanding of the course material, as there will be plenty of instances where memorized facts won't be enough to solve a problem.

In order to install these decks:

Anki Flash Card Decks:


A primary component of the section will be group work on problems related to the course material. Here I will post the worksheets we look at in class, along with selected solutions and solution sketches.

#: Dates: Topics: Worksheet: Select Solutions:
1 Jan. 20 Integration by Parts and Trigonometric Integrals PDF PDF
2 Jan. 23 Trigonometric Substitution PDF PDF
3 Jan. 30 Integration by Partial Fractions and Other Substitutions PDF PDF
4 Feb. 3 Numerical Integration and Improper Integrals PDF PDF
5 Feb. 22 Sequences and Series PDF PDF
6 Feb. 27 Comparison, Ratio, and Root Tests; Alternating Series PDF PDF
7 Mar. 5 Power Series PDF PDF
8 Mar. 9 Series Representations of Functions PDF PDF
9 Mar. 12 Taylor and Maclaurin Series PDF PDF
10 April 2 Separable Differential Equations PDF PDF
11 April 9 More Differential Equations PDF PDF
12 April 16 Complex Numbers and Nonhomogeneous Linear Equations PDF PDF
13 April 20 Damped Harmonic Motion and Series Solutions PDF PDF


We will have five quizzes over the course of the semester, each occuring on a Friday, during the second half of the section meeting. The dates are listed below, and solutions will be posted after the quizzes have been administered.

#: Date: Solutions:
1 Jan. 27 Section 309
Section 310
2 Feb. 10 Section 309
Section 310
3 March 2 Section 309
Section 310
4 March 16 Section 309
Section 310
5 April 13 Section 309
Section 310