Math 1A, Fall 2013
Discussion Sections 211 and 212

Professor: Alexander Coward
Lectures: MWF 8:10-9:00a, 155 Dwinelle
Course Website:

Sections: 211 and 212
GSI: Bryan Gillespie
Office: 1047 Evans
Office Hours: T 12:10a-1:00p and 2:10-3:00p


More to come here, but to start, here is the flash card deck (based on the first deck located here) to go with today's workshop on Anki, a free spaced repetition flash card program.


Here I will make available handouts from discussion section, for reference and ease of use.

Date: Topic: File:
Aug. 30 Queen's University Calculus Diagnostic Test PDF
Sep. 16 Worksheet 1: Limits PDF
Sep. 20 Worksheet 2: Proving Limits PDF
Oct. 9 Worksheet 3: Differentiation Rules PDF
Oct. 14 Worksheet 4: Exponential Growth and Related Rates PDF
Oct. 23 Chapter 3 Quiz PDF
Chapter 3 Quiz Solutions PDF
Nov. 1 Worksheet 5: Mean Value Theorem, Graph Sketching PDF
Nov. 4 Chapter 4 Quiz PDF
Chapter 4 Quiz Solutions PDF
Nov. 25 Chapter 5 Quiz PDF
Chapter 5 Quiz Solutions PDF